Coolplaces.Space shows innumerous pictures and videos from countries, nature landscapes, snowy mountains, deserts, archaeological sites, volcanoes, parks, forests, waterfalls and other historical and geographical themes.

The goal is to offer good visual information and gps locations about interesting places, rather than write about them, so you may see in advance and decide whether to go or not. Also, you can discover good places to visit. We hope you may have a sort of virtual experience on each theme and we expect to give you some of the atmosphere of each place.

We started this website a longtime ago in 2002, under another name, focusing on South America. Slowly, we have expanded to cover other places  well known around the world at United States, Mexico and few other countries.

Photos and videos are provided by Marcelo Ozorio (@ozoriel).

Foton Multimidia is the brazilian company that edits this website.

pyramid of magician uxmal mexico 1024x576 - CoolPlaces.Space
Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal, Mexico